Our Vision and Values

Our vision: Care Hand Service Ltd is committed to providing quality services for Service Users by providing, caring, competent, well trained staff in the Service User’s own home.

Our Values

  • Care Hand Service will provide services based on consultation and assessment of the Service User’s needs
  • .Hand Service will involve Service Users in the planning and review of the services that are provided for them to ensure that their needs are met.
  • Care Hand Service will consult service users, their families and other professionals about their satisfaction with the service and suggestions for improvement.
  • Care Hand Service’s service users are at the heart of our activities
  • Care Hand Service value and respect customer choice and preference
  • Care Hand Service is committed to delivering excellent services
  • Care Hand Service is open, honest and flexible
  • Care Hand Service value and celebrate diversity
  • Care Hand Service is accountable and committed to delivering value for money
  • Care Hand Service Ltd will, as part of a planned care delivery package, provide catering services to meet the expectations of Service Users.
  • Care Hand Service Ltd will ensure that Service Users are fully informed about all matters, which might affect their well-being.
  • Care Hand Service Limited will afford all Service Users and staff and equality of opportunity in respect of working in the Service User’s home
  • Care Hand Service Limited will share a copy of the Improvement Plan with Service Users and representatives.