Our Services

Care Hand Service is a new agency providing home help and community based social care services and is in its start-up stages. Our company will be situated in London. By listening to personal needs and choices, we can/will provide the following services to Service Users across the UK:

Personal Care Tasks

  • Assisting services users to get up
  • Assisting services users to go to bed
  • Dressing and undressing.
  • ​Personal hygiene-e.g. toileting, washing, bathing, shaving and hair care.
  • Assistance with eating and drinking.

Practical Care Tasks

  • Making or changing a Service User’s bed
  • Shopping for Service Users
  • Paying Service User’s bills
  • Preparing Service User’s meals
  • Vacuum cleaning and tidying the home, laundry and ironing
  • Handling mail and helping with household bills
  • Help with organising days out such as, meeting friends and family
  • Services for those looking after a loved one who require respite care
  • Other domestic tasks

The Complaints Procedure

Care Hand Service welcomes any Comments, Concerns or Complaints about the services delivered or how to improve the care services provided.  Complaints or Concerns about the service provided within any Service User’s home will be treated seriously.

If a Service User or relative requires help to make a complaint then they should be afforded advice about potential advocates.